Security Manual


This section lists the systems and useage for physical security controls on the chancery campus of the diocese.

Security Alarm Panels

All alarm panels utilize wireless communication (not wifi) between the smoke detectors, sensor and main panels.  All of these devices are battery operated but will notify the panel (and STAT monitoring) when the battery status is low.  There is approximately 30 days before the battery is dead when the notification first appears.)  

Current lists of codes for each building are in the attached documents:

Electronic Key Systems

The Chancery physical panel is in the basement of the chancery, the ChAnnex physical panel is in 2nd floor datacenter To add, change or remove electronic key for either locations information RDP to hostname door (windows XP virtual machine).  use domain administrator credentials to log in.

Start NSTAR user interface: username admin pass blank

to create new users: add an appropriate record to Card Holders create a key card using the facility code + the first 5 digits of the code inscribed on the back of the key. (The current facility code for the batch of keys we have is 137, old torpedo keys have 118 prefix) Associate the user with this card, give them a time schedule by selecting a user group, and make sure to set them to active.

if keys do not work after creation, check that panel communications to panel are in a ready state. Open the control map window in NSTAR and browse to control areas-> chancery annex -> panel: chancery annex as indicated by a green dot. If it is a purple question mark, physically restart the door controller VM. If this does not resolve, physically restart the alarm panel

if key still does not work, right click on the panel: chancery annex icon and select initialize. Check all boxes in the popup dialog and allow process to run. This should fix it. If not call Travis at Stat Communications

Convent key system in unfortunately separate.  use to access.  admin  admin credentials


Credentials for axis cameras are stat 13241324

Emergency Call lists/procedures

Each building has a password for when the alarm is tripped




In the event that the police are notified the following people will be called in order to meet with them and or grant access via the doors:

Lift Gate for Onondaga St.

To add new code:

To remove an old code:

Lift Gate for Lot adjacent to Cathedral Emergency Services 

Employees who use a remote to open the gate next to cathedral emergency services should have the following microswitches set in their remote 

Down 1 Up 2 Down 3 Up 4 Down 5 Up 6 Down 7 Up 8 Down 9 Up 10