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        2016 MONTHLY SAFETY TIPS        

JANUARY 2016 SAFETY TIP        How to Safeguard Your Bingo Events

FEBRUARY 2016 SAFETY TIP      Ice Dam Causes - Fish Fry Permits

MARCH 2016 SAFETY TIP           Risk Management Website Information

APRIL 2016 SAFETY TIP               Safe Lifting Practices

MAY 2016 SAFETY TIP                 Mosquito Safety - Receiving Donated Vehicles

JUNE 2016 SAFETY TIP                Carbon Monoxide Requirements for Buildings in NY

JULY 2016 SAFETY TIP                Staying Cool Tips - Hiring Contractors and Insurance Requirements

AUGUST 2016 SAFETY TIP         Office Ergonomics and Your Work Space

NOVEMBER 2016 SAFETY TIP    Ladder Safety - Distracted Drivers

DECEMBER 2016 SAFETY TIP     Preventing Frozen Pipes

        2017 MONTHLY SAFETY TIPS        

JANUARY 2017 SAFETY TIP         Slip, Trip and Falls 

FEBRUARY 2017 SAFETY TIP      Security Guidelines Overview   

MARCH 2017 SAFETY TIP               Fish Fry Information - Slip Trip and Falls, AED Safety information

           APRIL 2017 SAFETY TIP              Flood Safety - Adding-Deleting Vehicles -and/or Property

            MAY 2017 SAFETY TIP                     Festival / High Risk Events 
            JUNE 2017 SAFETY TIP                 Summer Maintenance Checklist 
            JULY 2017 SAFETY TIP                       Recommendations for Preventing Mold Growth

            AUGUST 2017 SAFETY TIP                Special Events Insurance Information and Outside Organizations using the Parish for events